My Story

Hi, my name is Nicole.  My story starts when I had my first daughter after raising four boys.  I did hair out of my house and couldn't wait to dress her up and do all the fun things with my girl.  I was given the cutest bows and outfits from all my friends and family.  But I found that it wasn't exactly what she  wanted to be  dressed in.  She didn't like the huge bows and frilly clothes that I still wanted her to wear.  She would fight me when I put on little things by pulling at her clothes or taking off the bows.  I started to make my own bows and clothing for her.  I found that I enjoyed doing it and couldn't wait to do more.  


A friend of mine came to visit me and fell in love with some of my creations.  She asked if I would do some for her sister who had just had a baby girl.  I was so flattered to do this.  My friend convinced me to start my own business.  I was so scared to do this and tried to recuit anyone to be my partner.  After I had invested so much time and money (from doing hair), Lollies and Lace was born.  I believe all the wonderful women who help me were brought in my life and I'm grateful for each one of them.  They were all mothers trying to raise their children and stay at home.  I found that I could help them and in the process create my business.  


Every year I have learned so much.  I listen to needs of my daughter, who is my most critical customer to select fabrics that are soft and not constrictive.  I have also studied the latest trends and patterns to come up with my designs.  I learned as a mother what fabrics are easy to maintain and wash without doing a lot of ironing or maintenance.  I try to keep things modest and yet fun and playful.  Each year has been a learning curve, but I'm grateful for this experience and I have been able to help others to grow and be inspired.  I hope that you love what I have created and will come back often to buy more.