The Health Benefits That Come Through Forgiveness

The best thing you can do for you heart and well being is, believe it or not, forgiveness.  According to the Mayo Clinic, research has shown that there is many health benefits for letting things go.  So maybe this will give some incentive to stop holding on to those grievances that are actually hurting your heart!

  1. It will give you lower blood pressure.

When you are holding on to a grudge it will cause anxiety.  Anxiety raises your heart rate and will give you high blood pressure.  By letting it go, it will return your heart to normal and lower your blood pressure.

  1. You will experience less stress.

Definitely sign me up for that!  I think that all of us have so much stress in our lives, why add more to it?  When we are recycling thoughts over and over and thinking about these hurtful experiences consciously and subconscious, we are creating irritability and undo stress in our lives.  I know that when there is something I can't seem to let go of, I think about it all day.  It becomes and obsession for me.

  1. You will feel less hostility.

Have you ever flown off the handle at the driver in front of you?  Or even your husband?  Or worse you get angry with your children?  I know that I have definite been guilty of this.  I think where did that come from?  Believe it or not, when we are focused on these painful experiences in our lives, we are creating hostility inside of us ready to burst!  I also know the more you talk about it with other people it will create more hostility and will magnify it.  So forgiving will make you feel less like yelling at others around you.

  1. You will have a lower heart rate.

You will feel calmer and at peace so your heart will also.  It will slow down and stop beating so fast.  I don't know if you have experienced a fast heart rate, I know that I have and after a while I can't keep up.  I feel more tired and can't have a long endurance for anything.

  1. You will have a lower risk for substance abuse or obesity.

We all have to numb in some way when are bodies are experiencing feelings of discomfort.  Everyone has his or her way of coping with this.  Some turn to alcohol, others drugs, but as for me I turn to food.  I'm not even hungry, but I keep eating because I don't want to feel the feeling I'm feeling!  The only way to stop this vicious cycle is to forgive.  Then we no longer are trying to numb in ways that aren't healthy.  We don't become obese or addicted to other substances. 

  1. We will have fewer depression symptoms.

Depression is isolating.  We lose the desire for things we love.  We do less and less and sleep more.  Depression can also lead to suicide in some cases.  Forgiveness can help us to love others and most important ourselves deeply, which releases that inner pain.

  1. We will see a reduction in chronic pain.

Physical pain is often cased by psychological causes.  We can heal ourselves through forgiveness.  

  1. We will have healthier relationships.

When we stop holding a grudge we are more trusting of others.  We can grow closer to our family and friends.  We will notice our relationships blossom.  There will be less drama and more love.  But the most important relationship we have is with ourselves.  We will love ourselves deeper and will see our self-esteem climb. 

  1. We will have a better psychological well-being

We will feel ourselves becoming calmer.  We will experience more peace.  We are able to feel joy and see blessings in our lives.  We can give more love and empathy to others. 

  1. Most important thing, we will experience a better relationship with God.

When we choose to forgive we show that we have more faith in him.  We trust that he will take care of the situation and can make us whole again.  He also can take care of the situation better than we ever can.  I know that I can always feel that in my heart.  It helps me to become healthier in my life!

Forgive for your health!


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