5 ways to help your child feel loved and empowered

As a mother of 6 children and a personal mentor, I have learned so many amazing skills through professional training and personal experience.  I have found some simple tools that make a huge impact in helping to empower parents and children.  I would like to share five of these tools with you.  When practiced, these tools can help the children in your life feel greater love, confidence, and self-esteem.
Tool #1 - Discover the power of your eyes!  Did you know you can empower your child through your eyes?  It’s true!  You can show them you love them by the light in your eyes.  Tony Morrison once said, “When your child walks in the room, do your eyes light up?”  This is such a powerful tool.  Your eyes are the light to your soul.  They can be a very powerful tool in building your child’s trust and self-esteem.  The body language sent through your eyes will send messages to your children about how you feel about them.  This can be done in many different ways.  For example, when your child comes home from school, or a friend’s house, or wakes up in the morning, be sure to make eye contact with them.  Give them a big smile that lights up your eyes.  They will know how happy you are to be with them simply by the light in your eyes.
Tool #2 – Understand the power of your words.  Words have power!  They have a lasting impact upon our spirits and our bodies.  Sometimes we can’t see the immediate results of our words and don’t realize the impact they have.  Maya Angelo once said, “Words are things.  You must be careful, someday we’ll be able to measure the power of words.  I think they are things.  They get on the walls.  They get in your wallpaper.  They get in your rugs, in your upholstery and your clothes, and finally in you.”  I truly believe this.  Our thoughts and words are energy.  They have lasting effects that not only have the power to hurt but have the power to heal, to love, to strengthen and empower.  It is so important to think before we speak.  When we do, the words we think and say to our children will begin and end with love.
Tool #3 - Quality time.  The time we spend with our children is invaluable.  Our tendencies to be spread too thin in this busy world send a direct message to others that they are not worth our time.  I believe that each of us will one day answer for how we choose to use our time.  Our children, more than ever, need our time and attention.  When we set aside time just for them we show them how much they are valued.  Take time every day to show them that you enjoy being with them.  Put your phone down and show them by your undivided attention how important they are.
Tool #4 - Help your child create their story.  This is a something that has a POWERFUL effect on children.  Have them write a story about who they want to be and things they want to achieve.  Have them write it as if they are already that person.  Help them picture themselves as part of the story.  Our first attempt at this happened while one of my children was having a hard time thinking positively.  We had a family night where we encouraged our children to write their own “story”.  I was so surprised that the child that was having a hard time wrote one of the most beautiful and powerful stories.  They wrote who they wanted to become and how they wanted to see themselves.  It was extremely powerful!  I typed up each of their stories so they could see them and read them often.  The more they internalize their stories; the more they become who they want to be.  Knowing their stories helps us as parents to encourage and inspire them to become what they desire.
Tool #5 - Have fun with your kids!  Let loose and be goofy.  Make jokes and laugh together!  It’s okay to be silly.  They’ll remember you for it.  Recently, I came home after being gone all day and I was excited to see my kids.  I walked through the door and immediately started to play with them.  I started chasing my little kids around the house trying to tickle them. While we were running and screaming and laughing, I noticed my older kids watching so I immediately began chasing and teasing them too.  Even though my teenagers pretended they were “too old” and “too cool” to play along, I could tell they were having fun and just enjoying my attention.  I learned that even if your kids act like they don’t care, sometimes they really do.  They want to interact and have fun too!  We are never too old to play.  It’s so important to take time everyday to have fun with our kids. 
These tools not only apply to parents, they work for aunts, uncles, neighbors and adults.  We have an immense power within us to build and nurture a child.  Even by doing small and simple things, we can make a big difference in their life.  Charles Dickens said, “To the world you may be just one person but to one person you may be the world.” Be that light to the children in your life!
I invite you to really be aware of and attentive to the children around you.  Take time each day to reach out to them.  Even if it’s a smile or a pat on the back - it can make all the difference in helping them to feel loved and empowered.
If you would like more information about empowering yourself and your children, visit my website at Empower2Cre8.com  


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