5 simple ways to welcome your kids home from school

1. If possible, Greet your child at the door. If you're not home when they get there, leave them a little note to let them know you're thinking about them. 
2. Make a simple after school snack. We love to use a veggies tray everyday filled with different munchies, like fruits, veggies, pretzels, chips, cheese, or anything else you know they'll love. You can make this in the morning and leave it in the fridge too!
3. Give your child 5 minutes to tell you about their day, and ask them open ended questions to get them talking, We like to talk about our lows and our highs of the day. This can be in person or even on the phone.
4. Have fun music playing when they get home and host an impromptu dance party for you and your kiddos!
5. Give your kids a big hug when they walk through the door so they know you missed them.

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