5 Christ Centered Christmas Activities to do with your Kids

1. Attend a live Nativity
Attending a live nativity with your family is a great way to help this bible story come to life for you little ones. Not only will they love all the animals, but there is a special spirit when you enter the manger and see the real baby who gets to play baby Jesus. This is an activity your family won't soon forget. 
2. Have a Birthday Party for Jesus

Buy a Birthday cake and, deck the halls with balloons and party favors and celebrate the real reason for the season. Go around the room and ask everyone what their gift will be for Christ this year.  This has been one of the most touching experiences I've ever had with my loved ones. 
3. 12 Days of Nativity Secret Santa
Pick up a decorative nativity set at the store, then wrap each piece individually. At the beginning of the season give someone the baby Jesus wrapped up in a box with a box that says " DO NOT open until Christmas" In the days leading up to the big day, secretly drop one wrapped piece of the nativity on their door step, ring the bell and run so they can add a piece to their nativity every night. Deliver the last piece on December 23rd. They will wonder where baby Jesus is but will be touched when the open the gift you gave them on Christmas. The baby Jesus inside, with a little note that says "I've been here all along". 
4. Shop for toys for children in need
We all want to do good during the Christmas season and it can seem easiest to just pick up a few extra toys and drop them in the donation bins before you leave the store. This is a wonderful thing to do, but this year plan an evening to go shopping with the whole family. Let you kids pick out toys, take them home and wrap them together. Serving together will bring your closer and will invite the true Christmas spirit into your home and your hearts. 
5. Act out the Nativity

Don't make this hard! Decide which part you will play then set a timer for 5 minutes and have everyone race to find costumes from what you have around the house, not only does this take the pressure off Mom to have everything prepared but it also make for some big laughs and great memories. Reenact the Story of Christs Birth as you read from the New Testament. 

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