25 responses to "I'm Bored" when it's cold outside

1.Build a Fort
2.Kids Yoga on YouTube
3.Dance Party
5.Play Hot potatoe with a stuffed animal or bean bag
6.Play Simon Says
7. Hide and Seek
8. Help Mom
9.Do a Puzzle
10. Look through Family photo albums
11. Write a letter to a cousin
12.  Facetime Grandpa
13.  Make Up a Dance
14. Have a nerf war 
15.  Write a song
16. Draw a Photo of yourself
17. Play Charades
18. Make Paper airplanes
19.  Watch a movie and Make popcorn
20.Find toys to donate
21. Write a story
22. Have a staring contest
23. Play with Pearler Beads
24. Play Freeze Dance
25. Do a secret act of Service
26.Play with Legos

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